Our ministry at present involves four functions

A . Residential Rehabilitation Programme
  • 33 children reside at the center.
  • They are provided with food, shelter, clothing, education, medication, training in arts, sports, acrobatics, dances, personality development etc
  • All go to primary school, One attends Vocational Training School
B. Drop in Programme
  • 45 children daily visit our center for tuitions, food, bath etc.
  • We help them also with educational equipments.
  • Many of them are made ready to start their primary schooling next year
  • These are children from the Leper’s Colony, orphans; or physically or mentally retarded children.
C. Village Sponsoring Programme

Nearly 120 needy children (mostly orphans) are assisted to go to school in three places, Itaga, Igambilo, Migangoni and Ipuli. They are provided with educational equiments and medication. We visit their houses and schools to promote their growth. All of them attend primary schools.

D. Awareness making Programme
  • Arrange Anti HIV/AIDS seminars in the schools;
  • Conduct programmes to advocate child rights; conduct competitions for children to motivate them to excel.