FOSTER (Fransalian Organisation for Social Transformation, Education and Renewal) was established to assist street children or children who live in a vulnerable environment by providing them with holistic rehabilitation. It is a project of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (Fransalians). It seeks to provide them with shelter, medical treatment, proper hygine, clothing, counseling, school education, skills training, recreational facilities, family reunification, public awareness and child rights advocacy. Children who have nowhere else to go, can come to live in our home (St. Francis de Sales Children’s Home).

Our Vision

To provide care, attention, a safe and conducive environment, and quality education to children who is deprived of it .

Our Mission

We take care of abandoned children, give them what they are need of.
We help the children to discover themselves, their inborn talents and powers, so that they can develop them
We pursue the children to follow the path of peace, joy, and social harmony.
We propagate and practice children’s rights
We rehabilitate the street children, the orphans, and the poverty stricken children

  • If someone is coming to the project as a volunteer, he/she should be referred to us by someone whom we already know.
  • The major task of the volunteer is to be a nice, friendly and supportive big sister/brother to the children staying in at the centre.
  • He/ she is supported to be in the centre at least 6 hours a day, of which at least 2hrs in the morning and at least 2hrs in the afternoon.
  • The volunteer may take every effort to learn Swahili and to get to know the children, the centre and Tanzanian way of life.
  • The volunteer is expected to participate in the daily life of the children as much as possible.
  • The volunteer helps out with classes the poor children at the primary school.
  • As time permits and if he or she is interested the volunteer can also involve in other programmes of Foster, like village sponsoring programme, awareness making programme etc.
  • If someone is coming to the project as a volunteer, have to pay for their lodging and accommodation or help us raise funds for the project.
    Daily time table

    week days
    6.00 amwake up, personal cleaning
    7.00 ammost children are going to school, others are doing their chores
    7.30 ambreakfast
    1.00 pmlunch
    2.00 pmsome children going to school, others are doing their chores
    3.00 pmtuitions for some children
    4.00 pmManual Labor, for the children
    5.00 pmgames
    6.30 pmbathing time
    7.00 pmevening study
    8.00 pmevening prayer and supper
    9.00 pmmedical care, recreational games
    9.30 pmgood night
    11.00 pmlights off
    Daily time table Saturdays and Holidays
    7.00 amwake up, personal cleaning
    7.30 amPrayers
    8.00 ambreakfast
    9.00 amGeneral cleaning/washing clothes
    11.30 amSinging/Music practice
    1.00 pmlunch, free time
    3.00 pmManual Labor
    5.00 pmgames
    6.30 pmbathing time
    7.30 pmprayer
    8.00 pmsupper
    9.00 pmmedical care, recreational games/ T.V shows
    10.00 pmgood night
    11.00 pmlights off
    Daily time table for Sundays
    7.30 amwake up, personal cleaning
    8.30 ambreakfast
    9.00 amPrayers
    11.00 amSinging/Music practice
    1.00 pmlunch, free time
    3.00 pmEvening walk/free time
    6.30 pmbathing time
    7.00 pmstudy
    8.00 pmprayers and supper
    9.00 pmmedical care, dance
    10.00 pmgood night
    11.00 pmlights off

  • We expect the volunteer to follow up this timetable (starting form 8am) and making sure the children are following it.
  • The volunteer is free on weekends from Friday evening to Sunday 7pm (home for evening class)
  • Holidays, traveling and evening off are possible if approved by director.
  • In consultation with the director, the volunteer can install new activities (art or language classes, sports…)
    o Organize extra activities (picnic, parties…)
    o Make sure the children regularly write letters to their sponsor parents.
    o Write project proposals
  • A volunteer also should have a mind to learn from his/her daily lives. He/she is a Therefore he/she needs to have a spirit of tolerance and patience to accept the directions given to her/him in matters of activities in the project.
  • The specific duties of the volunteer at the Foster can be finalized after discussing with the director or the project coordinator.
  • Matters concerning religion, culture, tribe and race are very sensitive in Africa. So please be respectful and tolerant
Manager, FOSTER
Father Reji Joseph
P.O. Box. 1413
Tabora, Tanzania
Phone: +255 788 000 637

Project Coordinator
Pater Thomas Varghese
Herzogliches Georgianum
Professor Huber Platz 1
80539 München, Deutschland
Phone: +49 175 875 6949
Mail: tomanywhere@gmail.com