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FOSTER (Fransalian Organisation for Social Transformation, Education and Renewal) was established to assist street children or children who live in a vulnerable environment by providing them with holistic rehabilitation. It is a project of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (Fransalians). It seeks to provide them with shelter, medical treatment, proper hygine, clothing, counseling, school education, skills training, recreational facilities, family reunification, public awareness and child rights advocacy. Children who have nowhere else to go, can come to live in our home (St. Francis de Sales Children’s Home).

Our Vision
To provide care, attention, a safe and conducive environment, and quality education to children who is deprived of it .

Our Mission
We take care of abandoned children, give them what they are need of.
We help the children to discover themselves, their inborn talents and powers, so that they can develop them
We pursue the children to follow the path of peace, joy, and social harmony.
We propagate and practice children's rights
We rehabilitate the street children, the orphans, and the poverty stricken children